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Review by: Michael Stern

For us travelers, M&M is not convenient. It’s take-out only. No seats whatever, except for a few chairs opposite the order window where customers wait for their food. But BBQ aficionados gladly suffer the inconvenience for food this good. There’s a decent-size parking lot for dashboard- or tailgate-dining.

Unspeakably tender pulled pork, perfumed by smoke, is smoke-pit rapture. It is available with a choice of sauces: sweet-mild, medium, sweet-hot, hot, and xxx. All complement the pork in a good way, although the sweet ones can overwhelm it. The same sauces are available for big, beautiful spare ribs that are laden with meat that falls easily from the bone and chews just-right for maximum flavor impact. Other available meats include chicken and brisket as well as hot dogs and wings.

Side dishes include mac & cheese that is butter-rich, peppery collard greens, and fried cabbage that resonates bacon flavor.

By the end of a meal from M&M, expect your taste buds to be so fully satisfied that they’re ready for a nap. But it’s worth leaving room for house-made banana pudding or a slice of refreshing Key lime pie.

What To Eat

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Spare Ribs

Macaroni & Cheese

Collard Greens

Fried Cabbage


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Jim Plank

December 12th, 2008

The best barbecue in East Tennessee is a secret to most, yet it lies smack in the heart of Knoxville, the largest city in the area. It’s a roadside cinder block hut, situated in the parking lot of a laundromat, and it’s only open three days a week. However, it’s a jewel!

The pulled pork is outstanding, with succulent moist pieces intermixed with the smoky outer pieces. They offer five tomato-based sauces from sweet and mild to hot. All are rich, thick, and tangy enough to to make your tongue pucker. Usually, I’ll buy an extra quart to take home. You may order a sandwich, which is basically a mound of pork on a bun not big enough to handle it, or by the pound, which is my choice since it makes it home more cleanly. Don’t try to eat the sandwich without a fork. Even the small one.

They are only open Thursday through Saturday, and on Saturday, starting at noon, they set up a tent and fry fish which is fresh and crispy. Although the folks who work there are constantly busy, they’re cheerful and friendly. They know that they’re giving you something special, and that you don’t mind waiting outside in a line for their food. They share in the delight.

I’m a barbecue diehard who seeks out barbecue wherever it may be found, from West Memphis, Arkansas to Nags Head, North Carolina. I used to rue the fact that Knoxville didn’t have a barbecue place that made me crave barbecue, until I stumbled onto M&M’s.


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