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Pizza Town USA is a gem deep in the heart of Bergen County. If there is one thing the tri-state area is not short on, it’s pizza joints. A pizza joint in this area is like white noise, so it really takes something special to make one stand out, and boy does this place stand out!

When you walk in the front door, you are presented with three ordering windows; surrounding the ordering windows are picnic table-like seating areas. The big glass sliding windows are open for fresh air eating in warm weather, and closed in the winter. Heat in this place is at a minimum, so if you plan on visiting in the winter, dress as if you were eating outside.

This joint runs on high speed efficiency, so you must order quickly and correctly! They have no time for games, so if you are not ready prepare to go to the back of the line or, if you’re really in trouble, back to the parking lot empty-handed. See the rules and procedures for ordering in my logbook to ensure you have a good experience and, most importantly, leave with a full stomach.

What should I eat at Pizza Town USA?

The pizza is good at Pizza Town USA, but the sleeper on this menu is a deep fried calzone. It is perfectly golden-brown, filled with a mix of ricotta, mozzarella, and ham. (Cheese-only calzones are available on request.)

The slices are just the right size, always with a crispy crust, with just the right amount of sauce and a light amount of cheese. The crust bottom and edges show some blackened oven soot, which is pizza gold! The slice is light and perfectly balanced; you can eat a few of them and not feel stuffed. Unlike at most pizza joints, the slices are very consistent from visit to visit, regardless of who makes them.

By far, the highlight of this place has to be what has become a rarity in the tri-state area these days: the deep fried calzone, perfectly golden-brown, with a nice mix of ricotta, mozzarella, and ham. Cheese-only calzones are available but you’ll have to ask for them specifically and you will have to wait while they make them special. When ordering a calzone, if you want a side of sauce, say so.

Hungry for dessert? Well, you came to the right place. Not many pizza joints offer zeppole for dessert, but this one does. Available by the dozen or half-dozen, these are the perfect end to what is a perfect meal. I recommend eating them right there: once zeppoles cool, they become rubbery. And definitely don’t eat them in your car unless you want your car redecorated with powdered sugar.

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Mike Langieri

August 5th, 2009

I’ve been a fan of Pizza Town since the 50s when I first started going there. I moved out of state 30 years ago and whenever I visit NJ and I’m within 25 miles of this place, I convince whomever I’m with that we have to stop and have a calzone, a slice, and a birch beer.

There is no finer calzone made anywhere in this country, and one of the secrets is it’s deep-fried. The dough is always made fresh and the ingredients are always the best. I know that because for a couple of summers I worked on a provision truck route and the owner supplied Pizza Town. They always bought the best. Their sauce is never burned or old; it always tastes just right.

You won’t find a fancy new restaurant if you go there. It’s nothing but the basics, but it’s clean, the owners are friendly, and as you watch cars coming and going, you’ll realize why this particular pizza joint has a national reputation. Try it… you’ll like it!


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