Hoskins Rexall Drug Store

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In this fully functioning pharmacy, pick a stool at the old-fashioned lunch counter at Hoskins Rexall Drug Store and dine on traditional short-order fare such as grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, and made-to-order milk shakes.

We discovered Clinton, Tennessee literally by accident. A sign along I-75 said, “Historic Clinton only 5 miles.” We were on our way home to Cincinnati, and had some extra time, so we stopped. The town of Clinton was unbelievable! So historic and so preserved; it’s like time stood still.

The old Hoskins Rexall Drug Store caught our attention, as we are into medical and pharmacy Americana. When we went in, we were amazed that not only was it a fully functioning pharmacy, but also a restaurant and soda fountain. It was THE one stop shopping place of its day, and still exists today! And the people working there were so friendly; they couldn’t do enough for you. Oh, and great diner food too.

What should I eat at Hoskins Rexall Drug Store?

We had a classic grilled cheese and tomato soup; we would have had an old-fashioned cheeseburger, but the grill closes at 1:30. Milkshakes are 100% real and are absolutely terrific!

*original post by Jonathan M*

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