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Kitchenette is a quaint breakfast and lunch spot in the small wine country town of Templeton, California. It serves breakfast favorites re-created with influences from world cuisines and ingredients sourced from local producers.

You’ll be greeted and given a menu as you step in the door. There are only six tables and eight chairs at the bar; and seating is first-come, first-served. A dog-friendly outdoor seating area is available if the weather is cooperating. When you are ready, place your order at the register.

The menu offers familiar favorites, but they are anything but ordinary. Corned Beef Hash is presented as tender red potatoes topped with corned beef that melts in your mouth. Apple cider cabbage and creamy mustard sauce send it over the top.

If you think avocado toast isn’t filling, Kitchenette’s Loaded Avocado Toast will change your mind. A thick slice of hearty country bread is topped with avocado and then piled high with tomato, strips of bacon, arugula, and an egg perfectly cooked so that the yolk is just runny enough to create a rich river that flows over the toppings below

Posole Verde arrives steaming in a shallow bowl filled with hominy, braised pork shoulder, sausage, jalapeños, feta cheese, cabbage, half of an avocado, and a split Scotch egg.


You will also find bakery items and several sides to order a la carte. Pumpkin Bread is a pleasing hunk of soft cake full of pumpkin flavor and seasonal spices. Potato Croquettes are crunchy on the outside with a delicate, fluffy interior.

Coffee, tea, fresh squeezed orange juice, local beers and wines, and kombucha are all available. Daily specials are written on a scroll of brown paper on the side wall. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options all are available. The full menu, both breakfast and lunch, is served all day.

What To Eat

Posole Verde

Corned Beef Hash

Loaded Avocado Toast

Pumpkin Bread

Potato Croquettes


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