The Hatch Rotisserie & Bar

Review by: Lori Rice

First, make reservations at The Hatch Rotisserie & Bar. Otherwise, you risk a long wait, or worst-case scenario, no table at all. Once you have that set, prepare for a casual, friendly experience with house-made specialties that celebrate fresh ingredients. 

Cocktails are a must. The Pennyroyal Tea is floral and flavorful with a combination of gin, Earl Grey tea, and grapefruit. Bourbon lovers should try the Ramble on Rose. It includes honey chamomile shrub and is topped with a garnish of bee pollen. 

-Start with mushrooms, a smoky, fire-roasted preparation of hen-of-the-woods mushrooms served in a cast-iron skillet along with an aioli. It’s an unforgettable flavor combination of earthy, creamy, and smoke. 

The restaurant has daily specials that range from fried chicken to prime rib, but the Half Rotisserie Chicken is available daily. Tender chicken is paired with buttermilk dip and a tangy, spicy house-fermented hot sauce. 

If that doesn’t tempt you, choose the Carbonara. The Hatch’s twist on this Italian favorite includes bucatini, rich and savory house bacon, English peas, and a poached egg. Once given a stir, the creamy yolk dresses the other ingredients, creating a decadent pasta meal. 

If your sweet tooth sticks around for the end of the meal, pick pudding. The flavors of butterscotch and dark chocolate come together in a velvety dessert that’s topped with crumbled cookies. 

The restaurant features an open kitchen. Don’t be alarmed if sudden banging of pans interrupts your conversation. It means that someone bought the kitchen a round. You can do the same if you are looking for a way to express your appreciation for such a great meal and friendly service.

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