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Flakowitz has been a favorite breakfast and lunch spot for my girlfriend’s dad since he began going to Florida for the winter about a decade ago. It has become our go-to spot whenever we visit him to escape the cold New York City winters. It’s obviously a big hit with the locals, as there is a substantial line each time we visit. There are quite a few “snowbirds” from the Northeast who come to Boynton Beach for the winter, and Flakowitz is the taste of Jewish deli food that they grew up eating in the city.

I’ve had the homemade corned beef hash more than once and it is one of my favorites anywhere. Twin mini brisket sandwiches (on mini rolls) are pure deli comfort food. Deeply flavorful au jus and a crispy latke on the side brought me right back to many meals I’ve had at delis in New York City. Not having grown up with matzo brie, I had to give it a try. I was told that pancake style is the way to go, but I ordered it scrambled. It seemed bland to me; but my side of bacon had lots of piggy flavor.

As good as the meals are, don’t fill up too much. Flakowitz has an in-house bakery with stellar treats, including the first black & white cookie I ever have truly loved: a moist, cakey wonder that is full of flavor. Flakowitz also bakes its own cakes, pies, cookies, babka, breads, bagels, and more. I took home a half loaf of country white bread that toasted up quite nicely.  A item not listed on the menu is marble cake, which comes free to each table of three of more diners. It’s shot through with veins of chocolate, but not too sweet.

Flakowitz has been around for only about 20 years but has a lived-in charm, as seen through the hostess who seems to know just about everyone waiting in line.

What To Eat

Marble Cake

New York Egg Cream

Black & White Cookie


Matzo Brie

Twin Mini Brisket Sandwiches


Tomato & Cheese Omelette (with Corned Beef Hash)



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January 22nd, 2024

The very original Flakowitz Bakery was in the Bronx, off of the Grand Concourse. The Son of Mr Flakowitz and his wife( who was my Cousin) opened a second bakery on Long Island . Then they decided to move to Florida and open a Flakowitz Bakery and restaurant with their two sons. The Flakowitz name in Bakeries is between 85 and 90 years old. Maybe more. Their quality of baked goods and restaurant fare has always been superior. I don’t know who owns the name now, but I hope it keeps the. Original traditions.


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