Miami Smokers

Review by: Michael Stern

Pork rules at Miami Smokers: ribs, pulled pork, porchetta, ham, speck, and several kinds of sausage. Salads come topped with bacon bits; hors d’oeuvre include bacon jerky and bacon-wrapped plantains. For dessert, you can have maple-bacon donuts, bacon brownies, bac-n-chip cookies, or candied bacon.

The bacon-wrapped plantains are fantastic. The fruit is cooked well enough that its extreme tenderness becomes a sweet foil for the chewy-crisp bacon that wraps it. Crowning this inspired duet are queso fresco and fruity mango sauce.

Ribs are a big deal: spice-rubbed and succulent enough that an accompanying ramekin of sauce, however excellent it is, becomes unnecessary. While not ultra-tender, they are an easy bite; in fact, these are ribs that are a joy to chew as waves of flavor are released. Pulled pork is swell, too. It’s separated into great, fatless shreds that make for an unwieldy albeit delicious sandwich when combined with tangy sauce and garnishes that include tart, tangy pickled onions.

While not quite palpable, ambience is exceedingly sniffable: bacon mixed with burnt wood and smoke. It’s audible, too: blues music, so well-suited to BBQ-eating, plays on the sound system.

All about eating pork, Miami Smokers assures customers that the hogs it cooks are pasture-raised vegetarians and never are crowded into crates. Furthermore, they get no hormones or antibiotics.

Note that business is credit or debit card only. Cash is not accepted.

What To Eat


Pulled Pork Sandwich

Bacon-Wrapped Plantains

Pink Slaw

Macaroni & Cheese

Hot Sauce


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