La Cameronera | Miami Crisp Fried Shrimp at their Best

Review by: Michael Stern

Big, Beautiful, Crisp-Fried Shrimp

Opened as a seafood market in 1966 by a family of fishermen who escaped communist Cuba, La Cameronera became a fish-fry in 1976. It’s still a good place to buy fresh seafood to take home and cook. But what draws crowds to the little shopping-center storefront is lunch — crisp fried shrimp in particular.

Firm pink crescents come enveloped in fragile, crunchy crust. The crust is seasoned, but only enough to halo the sweetness of the meat inside. A good fried shrimp meal includes 7 or 8 of the hefty 2-3 bite fellas. In addition, you get a timbale of yellow rice, and a sheaf of tostones (twice-fried green plantains).

Great Seafood Galore Includes Stone Crab In Season

Entrees extend far beyond shrimp. Fish fillets and grouper emerge from the deep fryer clean and delicious. You can have fish tacos, seafood chili, or a snapper sandwich. When they’re in season, lobster sandwiches and stone crab claws become highlights of the lunch menu. Conch fritters are a good shareable appetizer. They’re little crisp-surfaced balls with creamy insides that are dotted with chewy bits of conch and occasional pops of pepper.

Dessert is Required Eating

Of course, in this place, you need Key lime pie for dessert. It is vividly tart, heavily creamy, and just-right sweet atop its tender Graham cracker crust.

Consummately Casual

When La Cameronera started cooking meals, it was a stand-up-only fish fry. It remains a consummately casual place. But now there are tables. Spirits run high in the dining room, which hums with the good cheer of customers who are thrilled to be here and especially happy to have found a seat. Expect to wait for a table at peak lunchtime. Do note that business is cash-only.

Weekdays, La Cameronera closes at 5:30pm, but it is open until 9pm Friday & Saturday.

What To Eat

Fried Shrimp

Key Lime Pie

Conch Fritters

Fried Plantains


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