The Best Casual Breakfast Spots in Portland, Oregon


Portland, Oregon – A Breakfast Lover’s Heaven

The best breakfast in Portland might include palate-boggling donuts, the original Original Pancake House (and still the best), masterfully brewed coffee and espresso drinks, neighborhood corner cafes, and fresh fruit and bakery treats at a real farmer’s market. These are some of the ways we love to start the day in Portland, Oregon … breakfast-lover’s heaven.

Pastries, Lattes, Biscuits, and a Farmer’s Market

  • Crema is spacious and enthusiastic, its menu a cornucopia of sweet and savory pastries, its lattes served in the most artistic way with a lovely leaf-shape design in the foam on top.
  • When you visit Pine State Biscuits, order the Reggie Deluxe. This signature sandwich fills biscuit halves with juicy fried chicken, bacon, a fried egg, sausage gravy, and cheese, and it’s as deliriously good to eat as it sounds.
  • Portland is a breakfast-hound’s paradise, filled with restaurants that open in the early AM, and close after lunch. One of our favorites is a high-energy, stylish but casual place called the Bijou Cafe.
  • For non-locals like us, there are a wealth of opportunities to graze among the various stands at the Portland Farmers Market. Prepare to spend a few hours roaming one of our all-time favorite markets.

Portland’s Best Donuts

  • There are many deluxe donuts in Portland, even Goth donuts, but for traditional donuts that go with morning coffee (not latte!), Annie’s is a treasure.
  • Being a serious coffee city, it makes sense that Portland is also home to many excellent breakfast pastries. You’ll find some of the best, and most unusual at Voodoo Doughnut.

The Original Pancake House

  • At the head of the list of all the Original Pancake House’s nationwide? The original Original Pancake House of Portland. Since 1953, this place has defined pancake excellence.

Coffee House Options

  • For breakfast with a brew in a trendy modern atmosphere, Water Avenue Coffee is a Portland best bet.
  • On your next trip to Portland, when you need a caffeine hit but are not sure where to go, check out Case Study Coffee. There are a couple of branches around the city, so there should be one near wherever you are exploring.
  • Ristretto Roasters is a small storefront with three counter stools, three tables, a single booth, a few sidewalk seats, and a line all morning long waiting for cups of delicious coffee and espresso.
  • Off the tourist path but loved by locals, Fuller’s Coffee Shop is not only prime Portland; it is a taste of the sort of high-quality urban hash house now nearly vanished from most American cities.



Water Avenue Coffee

Freshly ground house-roasted beans paired with unique syrups and recipes make Water Avenue Coffee of one Portland's best cafes.


Case Study Coffee

Case Study Coffee roasts its own and offers a unique selection of homemade flavoring and milk options. Baked goods (including vegan and gluten-free) are tasty.



Sweet pastries and savory cheddar corn biscuits are best companions for world-class coffee and artistic lattes at Portland, Oregon's Crema.


Original Pancake House

The 1st Original Pancake House in Portland serves the best pancakes imaginable. Everything is first rate, from rich cream for coffee to thick-cut bacon.


Annie’s Donut Shop

Portland's great non-artisan donuts. Annie's cream puffs are light & fresh. Raspberry fritters are unctuous, fruity, monumentally satisfying.


Pine State Biscuits

Pine State is a minuscule Portland restaurant serving biscuits plain and fancy. The Reggie Deluxe includes fried chicken, bacon, egg, sausage gravy & cheese.


Ristretto Roasters

Portland, Oregon: Ristretto Roasters espresso balances caffeinated punch and smooth, chocolaty flavor; regular coffee kicks, too, but welcomes 2nd & 3rd cups.

Must Eats

Voodoo Doughnut

Behold Voodoo Doughnut's bacon-maple bar -- a great all-in-one breakfast. Just one of many pastries that have made this shop in Portland, Oregon famous.


Bijou Cafe

Portland's stylish, casual Bijou Cafe specializes in generous breakfasts built around top-notch ingredients, beginning with fresh-squeezed OJ. Try oyster hash!

Must Eats

Portland Farmers Market

In addition to produce, Portland Farmers Market eat-here fare includes Pearl Bakery's pecan-rosemary panini & Salumeria di Carlo's Italian sausage sandwiches.

Must Eats
Italian sausage sandwich , Pecan-Rosemary Panini

Fuller’s Coffee Shop

No fancy meals at Fuller's coffee shop of Portland, Oregon. Just excellent bacon & eggs and toast from homemade bread. Plus great fried razor clams.