Fuller’s Coffee Shop

Review by: Michael Stern

A man sitting near us at one of Fuller’s two U-shaped Formica counters mopped the last of some yolk off his plate with a forkful of pancake and declared that he used to eat at Fuller’s nearly every day thirty-two years ago, and as far as he could see, nothing’s changed but the prices. Bread is still homemade: not artisan bread, but real, normal bread. Cinnamon rolls, made each morning, are soft and just-right sweet.

Lunch consists of such blue plate specials as hot beef and gravy with mashed potatoes and a corned beef sloppy Joe. There is always interesting seafood: salmon steaks in season, batter-dipped fish and chips, fresh-fried oysters, and big, slightly scary (but easy to eat) egg-battered, fried razor clams with French fries and cole slaw.

Off the tourist path but loved by locals, Fuller’s is not only prime Portland; it is a taste of the sort of high-quality urban hash house now nearly vanished from most American cities.

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Deborah Pastor

July 27th, 2010

At first, Fullers looked like a typical diner. Fantastic omelets, food served piping hot of the griddle, and waitresses who kept filling up my coffee cup. But how many typical diners have homemade whole wheat bread with homemade marionberry jam on the side? How about coffee that tastes as if it had just been brewed as opposed to sitting on the burner too long? I highly recommend Fuller’s but keep in mind that this is a real diner not some retro “fusion” version of one. Everyone sits together at the countertop. I thought is was cosy and promoted great service, other people kept asking where the tables were.

I enjoyed the “famous” omelet with fresh vegetables, cheese and ham. Somehow, it was big but still light and perfectly cooked- a far cry from the greasy spoon eggs that make me queasy by the end of a meal. My partner liked his pancakes, especially with the marionberry jam. They were too large and fluffy for my taste.

I could tell that this is the type of place with great cinnamon buns and marionberry pie – but we were too full to find out.


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