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The Original Pancake House is a nationwide franchise; and miraculously, every one of the several dozen branches that we’ve sampled maintains the highest standards of quality ingredients and delicious food. Still, some are better than others. At the head of the list is the original Original Pancake House of Portland. Since 1953, this place has defined pancake excellence.

Original Pancake House pancakes are to ordinary restaurant flapjacks what champagne is to grape juice – so good they are almost like another kind of food altogether. They are elegant, complex, transcendent … and yet utterly satisfying the way only pancakes can be. The secret, other than good recipes for a large variety of ‘cakes from simple buttermilk silver dollars to elaborate crepes, is that the kitchen uses the highest quality ingredients; and this is no mere marketing-ploy boast. You really can taste the freshness of butter and eggs in everything served; even cream that comes with coffee seems like something from a farm kitchen; and orange juice is the pulpiest, most flavorful we’ve had anywhere.

Omelets – made with a half-dozen eggs – are beyond compare. The corned beef hash is superb. Bacon is thick and chewy, with just the right amount of crunch to every bite. The top-of-the-line pancake is baked apple, a vast plateau of deliciousness big enough for two mighty appetites. The other baked pancake, a Dutch Baby, lacks the gooeyness of the baked apple, but has the same deliriously eggy richness; and when you spritz it with lemon juice and sprinkle on powdered sugar, you create an elegant syrup that makes it an impossible-to-stop-eating sensation.

A word of warning: the Pancake House gets crowded on weekends and takes no reservations; come at an off hour if you can. And it is closed both Monday and Tuesday.

What to Eat
Original Pancake House, Dutch Baby
Dutch Baby
Already sprinkled with a bit of powdered sugar, this just-served Dutch Baby wants more (provided on the side) as well as several spritzes of fresh lemon juice. The combination makes aristocratic syrup that perfectly complements the eggy baked pancake.
Original Pancake House, Large Orange Juice
Large Orange Juice
We have never had a more delicious glass of orange juice than this one: freshly squeezed, pulpy, and brilliant-flavored.
Original Pancake House, Waffle
While it is (rightfully) known as a pancake house, this is an all-too-rare opportunity to have an excellent, old-fashioned, small-tread waffle of the pre-Belgian style. Here it has just been schmeared with butter and drizzled with syrup, and is framed by OPH's excellent bacon.
Original Pancake House, Corned Beef Hash
Corned Beef Hash
Devotees of corned beef hash need to know about this gentle-tempered version, sided by a sheaf of thin potato pancakes and topped with two sunnyside-up eggs. Sour cream and apple sauce come on the side.
Original Pancake House, Blueberry Waffle
Blueberry Waffle
What waffle lovers eat in heaven.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday7am - 3pm
Wednesday7am - 3pm
Thursday7am - 3pm
Friday7am - 3pm
Saturday7am - 3pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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