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Crema is spacious and enthusiastic, its menu a cornucopia of sweet and savory pastries, its lattes served in the most artistic way with a lovely leaf-shape design in the foam on top. Portlanders line up at the counter for Stumptown coffee accompanied by the likes of Mexican chocolate cupcakes, green tea cheesecake, orange cinnamon buns, cranberry pecan bundt cake, and all manner of scone and muffin.

We enjoyed the sweet things we ate – especially a serving of chocolate bread pudding with bananas – but were even more smitten by a cheddar corn biscuit. It’s a fairly squat circle that is all crusty and chewy with baked cheese and dotted with sweet corn kernels. There are several other savory breakfast pastries, including egg sandwiches, quiche, and egg turnovers. Lunch, served all day, includes panini, soup, and croissant sandwiches.

What to Eat
Crema, Cranberry Caramel Pecan Bundt Cake
Cranberry Caramel Pecan Bundt Cake
Cranberry caramel pecan bundt cake is dense and intense. One slice goes a long, long way!
Crema, Cheddar Corn Biscuit
Cheddar Corn Biscuit
A close view of the cheddar corn biscuit shows just how cheesey it is. Rich and chewy, it is an especially fine savory companion for a sweet morning drink.
Crema, Spanish Latte
Spanish Latte
Spanish latte is like regular latte, but made with whipped sweetened condensed milk. If you sip carefully, the pattern in the foam on top remains intact nearly all the way down to the bottom of the cup.
Directions and Hours
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Sunday6:30am - 6pm
Monday6:30am - 6pm
Tuesday6:30am - 6pm
Wednesday6:30am - 6pm
Thursday6:30am - 6pm
Friday6:30am - 6pm
Saturday6:30am - 6pm
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Probably because it is the home of Starbuck's, Seattle gets credit as the Northwest's great coffee city. It is great, no doubt about that, but so is Portland, Oregon; and in our experience, the cupcakes, donuts and other pastries in the City of Roses are without peer. Here are a handful of our favorite stops…

Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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