Best Hidden Gem Restaurants in Seattle


Maybe because it is such a coffee Mecca, Seattle also happens to be one of the nation’s best breakfast cities. Then, of course, there’s an abundance of Pacific Northwest seafood … and a kaleidoscopic choice of eats at the Pike Place Market … and a passion for magnificent sandwiches … and a radiant Asian population … and … Let’s just say that if you can’t find something you love to eat in Seattle, you just aren’t hungry! From the long list of places Roadfood loves — including coffee joints and sit-down restaurants —  here are a dozen of our favorite hidden gem restaurants in Seattle that will make you very happy.


Ghost Alley Espresso

A tiny, colorful shop tucked under Seattle's Pike Place Market, Ghost Alley Espresso serves some of the best coffee in town.

Must Eats


For breakfast in Seattle's Capitol Hill, go to Glo's. Best bets: beautiful eggs Benedict, waffles topped with fresh berries, sour cream coffee cake.


13 Coins

A rare slice of mid-20th century Americana, Seattle's 13 Coins is open 24/7 for meals that range from sandwiches and burgers to surf 'n' turf.


Little Uncle

Seattle is home to some of the finest Asian eateries in the nation. Among locals, Little Uncle holds the number one spot. Dungeness Crab Fried Rice, anyone?

Paseo Caribbean Restaurant

Paseo Caribbean Restaurant

A raffish sandwich shop specializing in overstuffed torpedoes of pork and more, Paseo is bright and delicious, noisy and fun.


Portage Bay Cafe

Portage Bay Cafe's groceries are organic, local, sustainable. Vegan options abound. Fresh fruit is the market's best. Meals are delicious.


Spud Fish and Chips

A humble eat-in-the-rough Seattle area seafood restaurant, Spud serves some of the best fried cod and halibut anywhere, sided by superb French fries.


Noodle Boat Thai Cuisine

The Noodle Boat is a beacon of Thai cuisine in Issaquah, Washington. Specialties include sunny fried trout topped with mango salad and tom kah hot & sour soup.


Moore Coffee

A cute little coffee house specializing in crisp, elegant waffles and beautiful latte art. Moore Coffee is an only-in-Seattle experience!

Biscuit Bitch

Biscuit Bitch

Southern-style biscuits and gravy are delivered with irreverent, in-your-face attitude at Biscuit Bitch, an outspoken Seattle treasure.


Xi’an Noodles

Located in Seattle's vibrant, up and coming University District, Xi’an is a must for hand-ripped Chinese noodles and casual, authentic Chinese cuisine.


45th Stop N Shop

45th Stop N Shop is a corner convenience store that's also Seattle's favorite informal poke bar, serving inexpensive, bountiful Hawaiian-style fish salads.