5 Fantastic Food Locations on I-70 Across Kansas

5 STOPS | 284 MILES | 4 hr 27 min

Road Trip Overview

Beginning in Kansas City, Missouri and heading along Interstate-70 toward the heart of Kansas, this 284 mile long road trip will take participants to a variety of food destinations.  Heading east to west, all of the locations marked for this drive are within minutes of I-70. You will visit restaurants serving fantastic breakfasts, cold-weather chili and tiny burgers, at the joint that invented the slider in 1922, as well as two legendary chicken dinner restaurants.

  • Although chicken and waffles, pork chop breakfast and pancakes are all offered daily at Niecie’s, the pig ear sandwich was what we ordered first. The thought of sinking one’s teeth into a set of ears is definitely odd but once you get past that the sandwich was great.
  • Served only during chili season, September through April, “Porubsky’s Famous Chili” from Porubsky’s Grocery draws in crowds from all over Kansas. They also have house-made pickles that begin as dills but are infused with a variety of ingredients including horseradish, mustard and hot peppers.
  • Built to look like the hotel that used to stand in it’s current location, Brookville Hotel offers excellent skillet-fried chicken as well as sides including corn, cole slaw and mashed potatoes.
  • The home of the first sliders, Cozy Inn sells 1/16th of a pound burgers, the paddies are barley larger than the pickles on them! We recommend at least six sliders for any newcomers.
  • No matter what you feel like eating when you come to Al’s Chickenette you must get one of the chicken dinners, not that there is much else to choose from. Everything is cooked perfectly, just how it has been since opening in 1949.


A St. Louis soul food best, Niecie's is a 3-meal-a-day gathering place for regulars and visitors. Chicken & waffles is a specialty. As are pig ear sandwiches.


Porubsky’s Grocery

Visit Topeka's Porubsky's between October and March, when Charlie makes his hearty chili. Top it off with ferociously hot horseradish pickles!


Brookville Hotel

Fried chicken is the lure to this Kansas destination restaurant. It's skillet fried and served with mashed potatoesand all appropriate side dishes. *CLOSED*


Cozy Inn

The Cozy Inn of Salina, Kansas, is the original slider restaurant, specializing in addictive itty-bitty burgers to be eaten a half-dozen at a time.

Must Eats

Al’s Chickenette

Since 1949, Al's Chickenette of Hays, Kansas, has been serving top-notch chicken dinners to locals and travelers along I-70. **Now out of business**

Must Eats