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Review by: Sara Griffith Dawson

One of Austin’s best qualities is the number of breweries we have in town. It seems as though each corner you turn, new brewers are opening their doors to serve beer in the hot Texas sun. More often than not, they include a food truck on the property. If you find a better duo than cold beer and delicious food truck creations, let me know. 

One of my favorites on the East side is Zilker Brewing Company. With its central location, variety of beers ranging from light to hoppy, and a social atmosphere, it’s hard to beat. In January of 2019, Zilker Brewing Company made its brewery even better by adding a white food truck with a big pink sign that reads “Spicy Boys Fried Chicken”. 

Spicy Boys is the brainchild of chef Theodore Bricker, who is well-known in Austin for launching the pan-Asian and fusion food truck Soursop. Wanting to create a similar experience with a twist, Bricker introduced Spicy Boys, a truck with a focus on Thai fried chicken.

After ordering at the truck’s walk-up window, we grabbed a few beers from inside the brewery,and by the time we had taken our first sips, we had food on the table. Bite by bite, we devoured each menu item. 

Every Spicy Boys sandwich has two things in common: a soft bun to hold all the ingredients together, and fried chicken that is perfectly crunchy on the outside and tremendously juicy on the inside. The OG sandwich is made with sweet chili-honey sauce, tangy green papaya relish, creamy herb ranch, and fried shallots. Although it is the mildest sandwich choice on the menu, it still gets taste buds tingling. The Hot Gai sandwich, a sensational combination of Massaman curry mayonnaise, Swiss cheese, Thai basil, and crunchy pickles, packs more punch. It is a messy sandwich, so grab a few napkins before you dive in. 

Tater Tots are a MUST HAVE when visiting Spicy Boys. Crispy tots are dusted with zesty fried chicken spice and bits of fresh green onion. Hot tip: order a curry or wing sauce for tot dunking purposes. Last but not least, be sure to grab a plate of Napa Slaw to cool down your burning mouth. Made with Napa cabbage, bright cherry tomatoes, fried shallots, and creamy green curry goddess dressing, it is refreshing and light, pairing so well with heavier main dishes. 

For unique flavor combinations and killer spice, look no further than Spicy Boys Fried Chicken.

What To Eat

The OG Sandwich

The Hot Gai Sandwich

Tater Tots

Napa Slaw


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