Prohibition Creamery

Ice Cream Parlor
One of the best

Laura Aidan, who attended Penn State University’s 120-year-old ice cream program to learn every last detail about ice cream, launched Prohibition Creamery in the summer of 2016.

Here you find from-scratch, small-batch ice cream — both alcohol-infused and more familiar flavors. Some of the unique offerings are Whiskey Chocolate ice cream, Absinthe and Cacao ice cream, and Prickly Pear Mezcal ice cream. And there’s CBD-infused ice cream as well. You can have them plain or as the basis of a sundae. Or, for traditionalists, a there is a variety of traditional cocktails, beer, and wine.

A friend and I visited Prohibition Creamery for a special that featured two warm Tiff’s Treats chocolate chip cookies (a well-known and loved cookie delivery company based in Austin) sandwiched around bourbon ice cream, topped with bourbon whipped cream and a creamy pour-over of Bailey’s Irish Cream. It is incredible. We ate every last bite, and probably could’ve eaten another.

The Boozy Sloth Sundae is a combination of Prohibition Creamery’s Black Magic ice cream (made with charcoal and black in color), smooth espresso fudge, boozy brownie bites, bourbon whipped cream, and a crunchy black waffle cone. My favorite part  is the Black Magic ice cream with its unique coloring and mysteriously chocolatey flavor.

Arriving at Prohibition Creamery, you notice quaint outdoor picnic tables and soft string lights filling the exterior space. A bright sign reads “Prohibition Creamery” in bold red lettering. The establishment appears as though it once was a house, making customers feel at home before even stepping inside. The interior is spacious and has a dark, gothy feel to it: black leather couches line the walls, blackboards display the specials of the day, and white marble tables are contrasted by their black table legs and black chairs. The focal point of the space is a huge wooden bar with a medley of alcoholic bottles sitting in neat rows.

Next time you find yourself wanting both ice cream AND alcohol (or perhaps both all in the same sundae bowl), head to Prohibition Creamery and you will get your fix.

What to Eat
Prohibition Creamery, Tiff’s Treat’s Sandwich Sundae
Tiff’s Treat’s Sandwich Sundae
The shot of Bailey's Cream makes this sundae something special.
Prohibition Creamery, Tiff’s Treat’s Sandwich Sundae
Tiff’s Treat’s Sandwich Sundae
Warm chocolate chip cookies sandwich bourbon ice cream, bourbon whipped cream, and a pour-over of Bailey's cream.
Prohibition Creamery, Boozy Sloth Sundae
Boozy Sloth Sundae
Boozy Sloth Sundae is smothered in espresso fudge and topped with bourbon whipped cream and a black waffle cone.
Directions and Hours
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Dessert, Late Night
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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