Flat Track Coffee

Review by: Sara Griffith Dawson

Diamond in the rough coffee shops are some of my favorite spots to spend a Sunday morning. Flat Track Coffee in East Austin,TX is one of the best. A bustling hybrid combining coffee with the local bike culture creates a fun, intimate atmosphere for a refreshing take on your typical weekend hangout.

What to eat at Flat Track Coffee

Fresh Breakfast Tacos

Though the menu is limited compared to other weekend brunch destinations, Flat Track’s dedication to fresh and healthful makes it noteworthy. I started off with a pair of breakfast tacos, available made with corn or flour tortillas: one chorizo, egg, and cheese, and one potato, egg, and cheese. The chorizo taco is seasoned wonderfully and topped with a flavorful and zesty salsa verde. The potato taco is a classic combination: the potatoes are roasted perfectly and topped with a sprinkle of bright diced peppers.

Special Egg Scramble

Sterling’s Special Scrambler arrives in a bowl, with eggs and potatoes ‘scrambled’ at the bottom. A bacon layer fills the middle, and a neat row of sliced avocados (garnished with fresh herbs and cracked black pepper) tops it all off. The different layers balance well, creating a healthier scramble combination that didn’t leave me wishing I had worn looser pants. 

Get the coffee to get you going

Whether you’re looking for a place to fix up your bike and grab a snack, do a little work on the road, or simply grab a cup of coffee, Flat Track Coffee has the atmosphere and ingredients to start the morning off right.

What To Eat

Sterling’s Special Scrambler

Chorizo, egg, and cheese breakfast taco

Potato, egg, and cheese breakfast taco

Black Coffee and Vanilla Oat Milk Latte


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