McClellanville Diner

Review by: Michael Stern

Jane and I arrived at the McClellanville Diner late in the lunch hour and all the banana pudding was gone. But there were still plenty of shrimp, and for fried shrimp alone, this modest roadside eatery is worth a visit. They are locally-caught whites – dense and resilient with a briny snap, cased in brightly-seasoned crust. The French fries that came alongside were okay; the optional red rice was excellent. We also forked into a bountiful platter of crisp-fried flounder accompanied by luxuriously battered onion rings. Other than the lack of rice pudding (which had been highly recommended by our tipster), the big disappointment was she-crab soup, which had a nice sweet-crab flavor but was too floury for our taste.

Folksy to the max, the diner features one round table with a lazy susan in the center and another long table up front for families and ad hoc gatherings of the locals who are regular customers. Walls are a faded nautical green and the floor is green linoleum. The printed menu is extremely uninteresting – burgers and sandwiches – but all the good stuff is posted daily on a white chalkboard. The dish we didn’t get, but wish we did, was fried oysters. A family at the booth next to ours each ordered a plate, and our lunch was punctuated by their moans of delight as they crunched into them.

Note: the McClellanville Diner closes mid-afternoon Monday and Tuesday, but serves dinner Wednesday through Saturday.

What To Eat

Fried Shrimp Plate

She Crab Soup (cup)

Fried Flounder Plate

Shrimp and grits


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Noelle Hansen

August 21st, 2010

We stopped here for breakfast while traveling on a Sunday morning. The food wasn’t bad (decent Southern breakfast, but nothing out of the ordinary), but it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get our simple breakfasts of eggs, meat, potatoes, and toast. We easily waited a half-hour before finally a waitress came by (giggling the whole time) to tell us our meals were on their way, but they had too many big parties this morning (there were two parties; couldn’t have been more than six to a table).

But other smaller tables got their meals quicker than us. Maybe because we were outsiders at a place likely frequented by locals? Either way, it was not worth the stop. We lost a lot of time with OK food at a so-so price, that could have been spent traveling.


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