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Falls View Restaurant is at a great location for I-75 travelers. It is just a short drive off of the interstate and it is nestled up against a state park that has a cascading waterfall.

What should I eat at Falls View Restaurant?

Catfish is their specialty and is the most popular choice. Whole catfish is served Southern-style bone-in. If you prefer, you can ask for boneless fillets. Falls View no longer has an “all you can eat” catfish dinner, but they do have a large catfish plate which comes with around 7 to 9 whole fish.

The fish is served with sides of slaw or salad, fries, tasty hushpuppies, and good tarter sauce. If you would prefer a baked potato or onion rings instead of the French fries, ask the waitress. Normally they will allow substitutions for the fries. The onion rings are very tasty and are a good choice. Florida Gulf seafood is available including shrimp and oysters. Other fish on the menu includes flounder, mullet and salmon.

Dessert is worth it!

If your stomach has room, the desserts are definitely worthwhile. The strawberry shortcake has been their specialty since the restaurant opened. There is also a “desert of the day”.

While the waitresses are friendly, they are often very busy. So be forewarned if you are in a hurry, this is not a place where you can eat quickly. Since the entrees are cooked to order, you can snack on the pickle plate that comes with the meal while your food is being cooked.

In 2011, Sandra Heath and her granddaughter Cindy Cook took over the management of the Falls View Restaurant. Even though the restaurant has changed hands four times since it opened in 1969, the quality of the food has remained good over the years.

Note: What you see across the street from the Falls View Restaurant is a dam. To see the waterfall, you will need to park in the High Falls State Park as close as possible to the entrance. Then walk back across the street to the Towaliga River Falls Trail. This is a short trail that leads down to an excellent view of the waterfall.

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red snapper


T-Bone Steak

French Fries

Pickle Plate



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