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What should I eat at Chef Point Bar & Restaurant?

Don’t miss the Duck A L’Orange!  We wanted to give it a try and it did not disappoint.  Since we have been back, we have a hard time trying anything else.

The duck is slow-cooked with the skin on, and is then deboned and served atop a bowl of angel hair pasta, covered in Chef Franson’s tangy orange sauce with black pepper corns, and accompanied by a thick slice of toasted, buttered Italian bread. Other specialties include chicken and waffles, $40+ steaks, and bread pudding with hot cognac sauce.

Chef Point Bar & Restaurant was, originally, a Conoco station with a small kitchen and a handful of tables toward the far end of the building. Now the restaurant portion of the building consumes about two-thirds of the interior space, and they’ve been forced to add parking.

Gas station food par excellence, hardly your typical convenience store fare!

What To Eat

Duck a l’Orange

Blueberry Pancakes

Blackened Salmon

Bread Pudding



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