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One of the best

We get a lot of suggestions where to eat, few as enthusiastic as the email sent by Tamar Henderson headlined, “You MUST go to BARTLEY’S!!!” Tamar wrote that the ribs are “out of this world… the best ribs in the country. Period.” Given that Bartley’s is scarcely a 10 minute drive from DFW airport and I landed hungry, Bartley’s was #1 on my hit list.

At the head of the line (service is cafeteria-style), meats are ravishing shades of glistening mahogany, brisket burnished black by long hours in the pit, ribs sticky with cooked-on sauce, hot links and Polish sausage and even thick slices of bologna ready to spurt juice when severed by a knife.

I don’t agree with Tamar that these are the best ribs in America. But they are delicious: ultra tender, just-right sweet. Side dishes include fine collard greens and braised cabbage; for dessert, pecan cobbler is like deconstructed pecan pie, every bit as indulgent.

What to Eat
Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, Brisket
Beautiful brisket, as tender as can be, perhaps not quite juicy enough to induce rapture without some sauce. Next time, I am going to ask for fattier slices.
Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, Hot Link
Hot Link
Unless you ask for it whole, the hot link will get sliced just before being plated. It is a super succulent sausage, the spicy-sweet barbecue sauce a worthy complement.
Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, Chicken
Chicken is a second-tier choice in Texas barbecue, but the sample of this bird I managed to secure made me vow to get a big portion next time. It is vividly seasoned, juicy, and fragrant with smoke.
Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, Combo Plate
Combo Plate
No doubt, sight is one of the senses that contributes to the joy of eating. That is one reason I am such a fan of cafeteria-style service: you get to see so much beautiful food. Here are hot links, ham, bologna, and Polish sausage.
Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, Pecan Cobbler
Pecan Cobbler
Pecan cobbler: ridiculously rich, devastatingly delicious.
Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, Collard Greens
Collard Greens
Barbecue plates come with a choice of vegetables. Bitter collards are a wonderful balance for sauced meat.
Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, Cabbage
Plain, simple, clean-flavored cabbage provides a welcome respite from an engagement with the pyrotechnical seasoning and smoke of Bartley's meats.
Directions and Hours
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Tuesday10am - 8pm
Wednesday10am - 8pm
Thursday10am - 8pm
Friday10am - 9pm
Saturday10am - 9pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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