Bud’s Cafe & Bar

Review by: Michael Stern

Bars tend not to be great places to look for excellent food, but when it comes to hamburgers, they can be exactly where you want to go. (cf: Matt’s Bar, Anchor Bar, the Owl Bar) For a rewarding bar-burger in Colorado, we suggest heading south on Highway 85 out of Denver to the town of Sedalia and finding a mid-20th century watering hole named Bud’s.

What to eat at Bud’s Cafe & Bar in Sedalia, CO

Here is served what tipster Mindy Leisure described as “one of the best burgers you will ever eat.” It is juicy, modest-sized with a good crust, nothing fancy; and no unusual toppings are on the menu. You have a choice of a single or a double with or without cheese. Unless you are on a diet, get the double: It’s the right balance of meat and bun. Pickles and onion are the only garnishes available. There is no deep-fryer on premises. The menu advises patrons, “We don’t have no damn fries.” Instead, you get a bag of potato chips.

As you might guess by the extremely limited menu – there’s nothing to eat other than burgers – Bud’s Cafe & Bar attracts a lot of people for whom the hamburgers are a side dish to the main course, which is beer.

What To Eat

Double Cheeseburger



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Shim Sorensen

March 19th, 2022

Go there every chance I get.


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