La Fogata

Review by: Michael Stern

La Fogata means “the bonfire,” but the green chile bowl (available with or without pork) served in this bilingual establishment isn’t really all that hot. It is quite tasty: zesty, glowing with sunny chile flavor, and packed with the punch of cumin. If you are looking for excellent Mexican food in Denver, La Fogata is a good place to find it. It’s been a locals’ favorite since it opened in 1990.

Many items on the menu are Tex-Mex staples – enchiladas, chilies rellenos, fajitas, tamales – expertly made and served in abundance; but La Fogata’s kitchen also provides the opportunity to be adventurous. If you are blasé about beef in your taco, order one filled with crisp-roasted pork (wonderful!), with beef tongue (spicy!), or with ceviche. If it is the weekend, you can spoon into the bowl of the tripe and hominy stew known as menudo. To drink, there are imported beers, plenty of tequila cocktails, Mexican Coke, and the true-Mex non-alcoholic favorite, horchata, which is sweet rice milk.

This is a fun place to dine, where the crowd is equal measures downtown business executives, blue-collar beer drinkers, and foodies who appreciate a taste of unpretentious, inexpensive Mexican food.

Second location: 8090 E. Quincy Ave, Denver. 720-974-7315

What To Eat

Fried Jalapenos

Combo Plate


Shredded Chicken Tostada

Chips & Salsa


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