The Duffeyroll Cafe

Review by: Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

We’re always on the lookout for cinnamon rolls, and The Duffeyroll Cafe in Denver makes a particularly good one. Duffeyrolls have only a passing resemblance to goop-filled and icing-laden modern mega-rolls. A Duffeyroll cinnamon roll is light-textured, almost like a croissant. It’s a little crisp on the outside, and veined with just enough, but not too much, cinnamon and sugar.

These cinnamon rolls come in a variety of flavors, including Zesty Orange, Mountain Maple, and Irish Cream, and the only difference between these variations and “The Original” is a flavored icing that gets drizzled across the top. The Original is of course the best.

Other menu items at The Duffyroll Cafe

There’s also a menu of breakfast and lunch sandwiches and wraps, soups and salads, and while we haven’t sampled these we like the sound of the Box Lunch, where you’ll find, along with your sandwich, some Sun Chips, coleslaw, an apple, an Andes mint, and… a mini Duffeyroll!

There are two Duffeyroll Cafes. The original store is in the Happy Canyon Shopping Center. The branch we’re familiar with is located in the historic Old South Pearl neighborhood of Denver, and the outside sidewalk tables are an especially welcome place to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while slowly unwinding these cinnamon pastries.

What To Eat

Original Cinnamon Roll

Zesty Orange Cinnamon Roll

Pecan Sticky Bun


The Duffeyroll Cafe Recipes


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