Review by: Lori Rice

Tocabe is a casual spot with a build-your-own menu that focuses on native American cuisine. Expect to be introduced to something new that just might climb to your list of favorites.

Many people choose the Indian taco. It is a large disk of golden fry bread with toppings of choice. Before ordering, consider that you can get the same thing (all those delicious toppings) with other menu options. That way, you can save a sweet version of the fry bread for dessert.

Examples include the posu bowl: a bed of wild rice or a blend of organic red quinoa and wheat berries layered with beans, meat, and salsas. Another option is grilled bannock. Instead of fry bread, it is grilled flatbread served on the side with a choice of toppings in a bowl.

To build the meal, select beans from one of the large blue crocks. I like the well seasoned, tender, creamy pinto beans. Next, select a meat, if desired. (Vegan beans are an option.) For something local and traditional, try bison. The ground meat is served in fine crumbles with savory flavors of sage and other spices. The braised, shredded bison is tender with notes of savory spices, slightly sweeter than the ground version.  

Each meal comes with two salsa choices. Osage hominy is a must: hominy combined with tangy cranberries, red onion, and cilantro for a thick, chutney-like condiment. Another good choice is chopped green chilies, roasted and peeled in-house daily. Jicama and Squash Salsa is tangy and crunchy, a clear front-runner if you are lucky enough to be here when it is on the seasonal menu.

Also try sour cream and ancho chipotle. It adds a creamy kick of heat that pairs well with bison. Lettuce and cheese are optional. While the lettuce adds a fresh touch, the cheese is superfluous.

If you are a beer drinker, don’t pass up Colorado Native. It’s an amber lager made with 100 percent Colorado ingredients. You can only buy it in-state.

Fry Bread sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar will make you glad you saved room for dessert. Its golden, crunchy outside and tender inside are best served with a Wojapi Cup. Considered a Northern Plains delicacy, the Wojapi Cup is a sweet jam-like fruit sauce using seasonal berries. The serving size is large, making it a good option to share around the table.

What To Eat

Grilled Bannock

Posu Bowl

Wojapi Cup

Colorado Native Amber Ale

Dessert Fry Bread


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