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Nellie’s in Las Cruces, NM | What to expect

A passing police officer was suspicious when he spotted us loitering outside of Nellie’s one morning before the cafe’s 8am opening.

“We’re waiting to eat,” we responded to his inquiry about our intentions.

Good answer. He broke into a big grin and said, “Best chile in town!”

In Las Cruces, the heart of chile country, such an avowal is no casual observation.

Inside the cozy cinderblock and glass brick restaurant, a sign on the wall confirms the kitchen’s priorities: “A day without chile is like a day without sunshine.”

What to eat at Nellie’s

Danny Ray Hernandez, Nellie’s son, makes vivid salsas using five to seven different types of chile and specializes in such eye-opening breakfasts as huevos a la Mexicana (scrambled with jalapenos) and eggs with chile and meat. For the latter you can get red or green or a side-by-side duet of both, known as Christmas. The red tastes of pure pod; the green is hot enough to require tongue-tamping with the kitchen’s pulchritudinous sopaipillas. Mr. Hernandez speculated that dry growing conditions over recent years have produced chiles in which the heat is more concentrated.


What To Eat

Eggs with Chile and Meat

Huevos Rancheros

Green Chile

Chips and Salsa


Fajita Burrito


Nellie’s Recipes


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