Angelo’s Wine Country Deli

Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

Angelo Ibleto is an enduring Sonoma County character. His Wine County Deli is known for house smoked meats, jerky and condiments made with aggressive garlic. Mustard, salsa, meat rubs and pickles are all favorites. Angelo is from Genoa, perhaps the only place that likes garlic more than California. His Italian sensibilities are appreciated in Wine Country, where tastes of Europe are always in demand.

The deli isn’t conveniently located, and is more of a detour for those in the know than a Wine Country tour stop. It’s worth the effort to visit. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the big cow on the roof.

Sandwiches at Angelo’s are made with house-smoked meats and uniquely garlicky herbed mustard. Smoked turkey has a lunch meat quality, but brine does not overwhelm the flavor of the meat. Roast pork is more like a fresh roast with just enough salt tenderizing to make give lunch meat texture.

All sandwiches are made with your choice of condiments and vegetables. The veggies are Wine Country fresh; the bread bites crusty and chews soft. Thinly sliced, ridged pickles are particularly complimentary. Sandwiches are packaged with an Andes mint taped to the wrapper, probably to help neutralize the garlic mustard.

Angelo’s is a good stop for jerky. Turkey and beef jerkies are made in many flavors from sweet to spicy, but in an unusual style. Instead of thin, leathery jerky, these dried meats are plump, retaining a texture of fresh meat, penetrated by the flavors of their marinade.

Angelo is a fixture of the community, and roasts pigs, BBQ tri-tip or porchetta for occasional special occasions. He is is regarded as one of the greatest smokers of tri-tip in the state.

It is an afterthought, but the rustic, bulbous biscotti near the register are some of the best we’ve ever tasted. Don’t miss out.

Note that Angelo also has a smokehouse in Petaluma where you can buy many of his products, but no sandwiches.

What To Eat

Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Roast Pork Sandwich




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