Back in the Day Bakery

Review by: Jess Dawson

In Savannah’s Starland district, Back in the Day bakery is owned and run by Cheryl and Griff Day … who actually tied the knot right in the bakery. They’re talented and passionate about what they do. All breads, biscuits, and pastries have been made in-house since they turned on the ovens back in 2002.

When we walk in, cases of sweet and savory baked goods are spread out before us, from one single remaining buttermilk biscuit (oh, no!) to piles of from-scratch pop tarts, pecan sandies, cupcakes, salted chocolate chip cookies, and more. Thankfully, more biscuits continually come from the ovens in back, though many varieties do sell out. We missed out on an everything biscuit and a jalapeño biscuit.

When we order a Hot Pimento & Pig Grilled Cheese, we notice that it typically comes on ciabatta, and quickly ask if we can have it on a biscuit, please? The woman helping us is momentarily caught off guard, then says, of course we can. She’ll create it as a build-your-own biscuit sandwich.

The biscuit is flaked with sea salt with a buttery shell and layered, pillowy insides. We get ours with cheese and thick bacon (Hot Pimento & Pig). Be sure and add jam to your order. Sweet peach tastes fresh from the farm. Hot pepper jelly is one I can’t get enough of: It adds a sweet and peppery zing to the rich biscuit.

We also order a Super Chicken sandwich with herbed mayo, slices of white cheddar, red onion, and lettuce. A ciabatta roll is just right for this combo; the sandwich is simple and hearty. We grab a bag of crunchy dill pickle Route 11 potato chips to go with it.

We take a seat at one of the many tables surrounding the ordering counter and peruse shelves lined with local Savannah cards, Americana paraphernalia, Back in the Day signs, and funky antique baking items. If you swing around towards the back, you can see the bakers working their magic.

Before we leave, we’re tempted to get a cookie to go, but the line has just become unmanageable. Next time.  

What To Eat

Super Chicken Sandwich

BYOB Biscuit

Pop Tart


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