Steak Houses: Roadfood Favorites


Many restaurants serve steak, but some places are dedicated to it. Although no great steak house is cheap, some of the best are extremely informal (like Doe’s Eat Place of Greenville, MS). Roadfood rates a steak house not only on the savor of its beef, but on its side dishes (hash browns, creamed spinach, etc.) and on its unique personality (La Cantina). Here are our favorite dozen.


La Cantina

Fabulous steaks cooked outdoors in an 1800-degree oven are stars of a creative, fine-food menu in this unique restaurant deep in the Carolina countryside.


Jesse’s Embers

Jesse's Embers of Des Moines, Iowa, cooks steaks on an aromatic charcoal grill and serves them with great onion rings and expertly-made cocktails.


Harry Caray’s

A high-quality Italian steak house, Harry Caray's also serves such unique Chicago specialties as Chicken Vesuvio and Shrimp de Jonghe.


St. Elmo Steak House

St. Elmo's is the place in Indianapolis for a shrimp cocktail, martini & prime steak at dinner among local & visiting glitterati. Baked potatoes are legendary.


Hitching Post

Hitching Post steaks, cooked over fire of live oak wood, come with a full dinner of Santa Maria side dishes that are an old California ranch country tradition.


Doe’s Eat Place

Doe's is a funky backroom restaurant in the Mississippi Delta that serves four-star steaks accompanied by skillet-cooked French fries and/or hot tamales.


Archie’s Waeside

Archie's Waeside serves splendid dry-aged steak, some of the best in the Midwest, some of the best anywhere in America. A Sioux City, Iowa treasure!


Pine Club

One of America's best steak houses, the Pine Club cuts and ages its own: glorious filets mignon, porterhouses & sirloins. And a sensational hamburger, too.


Peter Luger

Peter Luger is an ancient (since 1887) neighborhood Brooklyn steak house that serves stupendous porterhouse. Is this America's best steak? (Cash only)


Jess & Jim’s

Jess & Jim's ravishing steaks arrive sputtering on a metal tray, exuding protein perfume. Here is Kansas City heaven, with a loaded pound-plus baked potato.



Lusco's is the place for steaks, pompano, and Mississippi Delta food with a twist of sophistication in the mysterious back room of an old grocery store. A downsouth classic.


Gene & Georgetti

Chicago has no better place to slice into prime aged steak than an old wood-frame house known as Gene & Georgetti just north of the Loop.