Granola Greats, Coast to Coast


Granola first was invented in the 1860s (not the 1960s) and eaten by health nuts of the day. It was a severe dish made from nothing but double-baked sheets of whole wheat dough that were supposed to be crumbled into a glass of milk and chilled overnight, becoming flavorless nutrition paste. Granola remained a counter-culture icon through the hippie years, when the Wall Street Journal described it as “something a horse might be fond of … about as chewy as leather – and not quite as tasty.” It has come a long way since then, and while some varieties are indeed drab (and others as outrageously sugary-sweet as a candy bar), there are great granolas to be eaten throughout the land. These are the ones that send us into orbit.



Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe

A worker collective restaurant with high-minded principles, Blue Scorcher serves wonderful pastries, good Oregon coffee, and a seasonal-local vegetarian menu.



A classic southern California coffee shop, open round the clock, serving high-quality square meals with especially good breakfast. Kettle muffins are a must!

Must Eats


The best sunny southern California cafe, from magnificent granola and homemade pastries to superb fish tacos and so much more. The Cottage is a La Jolla must!


Indian Gardens Oak Creek Market

Modern food in a vintage Arizona waystation makes Indian Gardens a best bet for healthful meals, fresh-pressed cider, lattes, and great sourdough bread.



Pasqual's is Santa Fe's favorite corner eatery, serving bright, modern versions of New Mexico classics. Corned beef hash is some of the best in the West.



Cafe, bakery, tea room: Queenie's is a charming little Tulsa, Oklahoma restaurant with fine pastries, hearty breakfast, and a roster of salads & sandwiches.

Must Eats

Blue Heaven

House motto: "Blue Heaven: you don’t have to die to get there." The outdoor terrace is a magical place for breakfast (or lunch or supper) on Key West.


Claire’s Corner Copia

A vegetarian treasure in New Haven, Claire's is famous for Lithuanian coffee cake, Mexican meals, and hot soups accompanied by freshly baked bread.