Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe

Review by: Michael Stern

Operating as a worker collective with principles that include the use of actual cloth napkins and non-disposable flatware to minimize waste, gluten-free Fridays for people who are allergic, and a seasonal-local vegetarian menu, the Blue Scorcher has some of the best pastries anywhere. To wit: chocolate babka cupcakes, Irish brown butter cake with mascarpone filling, and mixed fruit ginger custard tartlets.

I was especially wowed by the extremely moist chocolate chip applesauce cake, which was full of little melting chips, as well as by a big block of chocolate gingerbread that delivers sharp ginger snap as well as a tsunami of chocolate flavor. The intensity of the latter could easily induce taste-buds overload were it not for the palliating globe of pure (organic) whipped cream offered on top.

I was so busy eating cakes and drinking good espresso that I did not even think to order from an interesting breakfast selection that includes house-made northwest cherry hazelnut granola, “breakfast of wonder” (poached eggs on greens with tempeh and toast), frittatas, and “huevos scorcheros.” Lunch items include pizza and calzones, veggie burgers, soups, and salads. Based on the goodness of the pastries, these are all worthy of a return visit. I did manage to come away with a loaf of asiago sourdough bread that was memorably delicious.

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Chocolate Chip Applesauce Cake


Chocolate Gingerbread


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