Where to Eat The Best Breakfast in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is a great breakfast city, and we’re not just talking about a 3am pastrami and double egg sandwich at Primanti’s or the blue-ribbon coffee companions baked at Enrico Biscotti.

Some of the best breakfast in Pittsburgh includes strawberry pancakes (actually crepes) at Pamela’s, a mountainous mixed grill at the Gab & Eat, or a chocolate chip hotcake sundae at Deluca’s.

There isn’t a better breakfast sandwich for miles around than the one made at Pear and the Pickle; and for tortes, muffins, and oven-fresh breads, Five Points Artisan Bakeshop is a morning must.


Pamela’s Diner

Hotcakes are as elegant as crepes at Pamela's. From-scratch corned beef hash and a full-service soda fountain make it a Pittsburgh highlight.


Gab & Eat Restaurant

There is nowhere in Pittsburgh better for an early morning meal than at a counter seat at the Gab & Eat, a blue collar urban hash house just west of downtown.



If you need a hugely satisfying breakfast in Pittsburgh, we recommend a visit to DeLuca’s. This Strip District fine storefront diner is legendary.


Pear and the Pickle

A laid-back market/cafe with an old-neighborhood feel, Pittsburgh's Pear and the Pickle makes artisan sandwiches at breakfast and lunch.


Five Points Artisan Bakeshop

European-style breads and pastries are made from highest-quality ingredients at Pittsburgh's Five Points. Coffee is available, but seating is sidewalk-only.