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What to expect at DeLuca’s in Pittsburgh, PA

Located in the Strip District (an eater’s paradise by any measure), DeLuca’s is a storefront café that serves tremendously satisfying morning meals.

What to eat

What to eat at DeLuca’s in Pittsburgh, PA

Mixed grill is the star of the show: sausage or ham sizzled with a huge heap of peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and zucchini, crowned with a couple of eggs (the eggs are optional) and sided by hunky home fried potatoes and a couple of slabs of toast. Among the available varieties of toast are an aromatic cinnamon-raisin, rye, wheat, and white.

“Ordinary” omelets are jumbo, too, stuffed with giant hunks of fresh vegetables and/or your breakfast meat of choice; but for many visitors, DeLuca’s is an opportunity to indulge in one of the really outrageous breakfast items, such as the chocolate chip hotcake sundae, which is a stack of pancakes choc-a-bloc with melted and melting chocolate chips, topped with ice cream and strawberries. We like blueberry French toast made with sweet-smelling raisin bread.

DeLuca’s is open for lunch as well as breakfast, with a menu of hamburgers, cold-cut hoagies, and such square meals as meat loaf or pork chops with potatoes. Milk shakes are served in silver beakers … and topped with a dab of whipped cream.

Expect to wait for a seat at peak mealtime hours, especially on weekends when Pittsburghers throng to the Strip on a kind of eaters’ holiday. For us, the choice place in DeLuca’s is at the counter with a view of the short-order chefs flipping eggs and hotcakes at lightning speed.

What To Eat

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Keith McLeane

December 13th, 2008

After a 25-minute wait outside of DeLuca’s we finally sat down, got our drinks, and placed our order. Not in any rush, we waited quite some time to finally realize that everyone around us had come in, ate, and left, and new customers had been seated. After asking the waitress about our order she replied with a nasty answer and failed to visit our table afterwards. After my mom, who is diabetic, asked her again about the order, and she again replied with the same nasty attitude, I approached the hostess for some answers, with no luck.

Finally after an hour or so, we got some of our food. Two orders were not correct and she wanted to charge us more because my mom ordered egg whites instead of eggs. I was not allowed to speak to the owner or manager because they were too busy, then I was told that our business meant nothing to them because they had other customers. The service was very poor, customer service was non-existent, the food was average at best, and the atmosphere was not all that.

I would never recommend this place to anyone! Very overrated and not worth the aggravation. I saw other customers with the same sorts of experiences; it was not just us. As one person put it, their fame has definitely gone to their heads. I would rate it the worst restaurant experience I have ever had!


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