Bologna Sandwich


Bologna sandwiches are common. Great bologna sandwiches are rare. The very best of them, in particular the one served at the legendary G&R Tavern of Waldo, Ohio, are worthy of a Roadfood pilgrimage.


Roy’s Grille

Although it is a minimalist gas-station cafe, Roy's Grille offers scrupulously well-prepared breakfast and lunch, including masterful shrimp and grits.


Northgate Soda Shop

A relic from the heyday of soda fountain dining, Greenville's Northgate Soda Shop serves excellent pimento cheeseburgers, slaw dogs, & hand-spun milk shakes.


Cozy Corner

If you have time for just one BBQ meal in Memphis (or anywhere on earth), go to Cozy Corner, one of the South's great barbecue parlors.


Dyer’s Burgers

Dyer's of Memphis deep-fries burgers, and in their wicked way, they are memorable. BBQ and fried baloney also are available at this Beale St. attraction.


G&R Tavern

G&R's thick-sliced bologna is a flavorful pork and beef blend that gets skillet-sizzled and packed into what may be the best bologna sandwich anywhere.


Wilensky’s Light Lunch

A Montreal best bet, the Wilensky Special is thin slices of beef baloney and salami on a roll, the whole package cooked in a press. To drink: genuine egg cream.