Louisiana Cajun Country Boudin Sausage

6 STOPS | 265 MILES | 5 hr 18 min

West of New Orleans from Baton Rouge to St. Charles and from the swamps of Avery Island to the prairies of Evangeline Parish, hundreds of places sell boudin sausage. Unlike a Texas hot link, boudin tends not to be a firm sort of sausage. Once its natural casing is cut, the seasoned pork-and-rice mix spills or tumbles out. It is served on plates in some restaurants, but most customers buy it by the link from groceries and quick-stop stores where it is made and either take it home or eat it off the dashboard of their truck.


Bourque’s Supermarket

Bourque's is a Cajun supermarket known for jalapeno sausage cheese bread: a round loaf chockablock with savory bits of sausage and hot pepper and melted cheese.



Earl's is a Cajun-country grocery store in Lafayette, Louisiana, that makes four-star boudin and serves to-go plate lunch.


T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse

T-Boy's is a Cajun country slaughterhouse / butcher / grocery story in Louisiana that makes superior boudin sausage as well as smoked pork of all kinds.


Jerry Lee’s Kwik Stop

Jerry Lee's Kwik Stop is a Cajun-country convenience store in Baton Rouge that makes great boudin sausage. It's all take-out; many customers eat in their cars.


Café des Amis

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** For a full, true, and joyous taste of Acadian Louisiana, Cafe des Amis is peerless, from beignets to crawfish, with live Zydeco music for dancing on Saturday.


Andre’s Cajun Cracklins

A roadside stand next to a convenience store, Andre's offers exemplary Cajun boudin, crawfish, turkey wings & cracklins. No place to sit: take-out only.

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Turkey Wing, Cracklins, Boudin