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The view from the Rising Tide dining room is of lobstermen bringing in their catch. Located at the back of the Pine Point Fisherman’s Co-Op, it is a casual, only-in-Maine restaurant where lobster rules. “This is hard shell,” the waitress explains when she brings a big cooked one along with a net full of steamers, noting that normally at this time of year (July), the shells are softer and therefore the meat juicier. But colder-than-usual waters has delayed the shedding. Yes, these folks know their lobsters! And although the meat might not be as juicy, the knuckles, claws, and tail of the hard-shell one she proffers are succulent enough and radiant with sweet marine flavor.

Rising Tide’s lobster roll is a curious presentation: a pile of impeccable lobster meat sided by a grill-toasted bun accompanied by a ramekin of mayonnaise. It’s fork food more than a sandwich. A must eat! Another winner from this competent kitchen is lobster stew. Big hunks of meat wallow in a bowl full of warm buttered cream speckled with herbs.

The broad menu also includes fried shellfish of all kind, bouillabaisse, seafood salads, a few pasta dishes, and even burgers and steaks if there’s a fish frowner in the group. I’m not sure about any of these things; and when I come back, I will ignore them again in favor of superior lobster.

What to Eat
Rising Tide Restaurant, Lobster Roll
Lobster Roll
The lobster roll arrives deconstructed
Rising Tide Restaurant, Lobster Stew
Lobster Stew
Luxuriously creamy lobster stew
Rising Tide Restaurant, Lobster Dinner
Lobster Dinner
Seacoast Maine in a bowl
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Lunch, Dinner
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