Pool Lobster at F.O. Goldwaithe’s

Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

F.O. Goldwaithe’s general store has a timeless screen door, front porch feel. It’s the kind of quaint grocery store that you dream of having near your vacation home. In the back they have a lobster pool where you can select a live lobster and meet it again, minutes later when it is bright red and steamy.

The large menu includes fried and steamed seafood as well as breakfast of which locals are especially fond. Regulars seem to all have a different favorite item, and the staff can list a dozen dishes they recommend.

We ordered the “Maine on the plate” boil, which includes a summer soft-shell lobster, mussels, steamers (soft-shell clams), garlic bread, and a cob of corn. The lobster was perfectly cooked and larger than we expected for its price. Sorry to say that the clams and mussels were sandy and over-boiled. Based on that, we’d recommend sticking to lobster lunch here rather than the full boil. For dessert, blueberry pie a la mode is very good. It comes as a giant slab with a tub of Gifford’s vanilla ice cream on the side. For us, pie with coffee out along the pool was a trip highlight.

The best thing about Pool Lobster is its location, just off the highway with an extraordinary view of Wood Island Harbor. We found it difficult to peel ourselves from the gorgeous backyard with its green lawn and shaded benches looking over the harbor. The backyard leads out into a small stretch of rocky coastline, which you can explore if you have the time. Don’t be deterred by sun showers. The dining area would make a wonderful place to watch the rain dance upon the harbor. Because of the gorgeous location and charm of the place, we think it is worth worth visiting if only for coffee and a snack.

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Maine on a Plate

Blueberry Pie


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