Polish Villa

One of the best

There are two Polish Villas in Cheektowaga, and while we suspect that Polish Villa II is every bit as good as Polish Villa I (they’re both in the family), our visits have been only to #1, on Union Rd.  The menu does list burgers and sandwiches of all kinds, ham steak, and southern fried chicken, but the restaurant’s name provides a pretty strong clue as to what really matters in its kitchen. If you frequent other heartland Polish restaurants (as we do whenever possible), most of the old-country specialties will be familiar, from czarnina soup to pierogies, kielbasa, golabki, and fruit crepes for dessert. One course after another, everything we have eaten here is mom’s-home-cooking good: slightly sticky potato pancakes served with either sour cream or apple sauce (but you must pay extra if you want both); firm-fleshed, smoky sausages; crisp wiener schnitzel sided by creamy mashed potatoes, kluski noodles topped with chicken and mushrooms.

We are particularly smitten with pierogies stuffed with sauerkraut, their soft, succulent filling robed in dough that gets quick-sauteed to a crisp just before being served. And oh, the sweet-and-sour cabbage – available as a side dish for any meal; soft but not mushy, balanced perfectly between sugar and tang, it is a benchmark for all cabbage everywhere.

Such food would be good in an impersonal cafeteria. Its pleasures are enhanced by a staff of professional waitresses who really know their stuff, a hostess who is truly hospitable, and a dining room that is occupied mostly by people who, based on the language they are speaking, know excellent Polish food when they find it.

What to Eat
Polish Villa, Czarnina Soup (cup)
Czarnina Soup (cup)
Czarnina soup looks fearsome, but actually is pretty friendly. Those homemade noodles share surface space with a large plum and a few puffed-up raisins.
Polish Villa, Potato Pancake
Potato Pancake
One lonely potato pancake. Made to order, of course, it elevates the spud to elegance.
Polish Villa, Pierogie (plate)
Pierogie (plate)
Available filled with cheese, sauerkraut, or potato, these pierogie have a skin that is a perfect harmony of crunchy edge and chewy body.
Polish Villa, Golabki (Plate)
Golabki (Plate)
When you slide the edge of a fork into Polish Villa golabki (stuffed cabbage), it easily severs the thick, tender leaf that encloses a lode of seasoned meat within.
Polish Villa, Sauerkraut
So often bland and uninteresting, sauerkraut can be soft, flavorful, and hugely satisfying ... as is this serving alongside a Polish Villa meal.
Polish Villa, Polish Reuben
Polish Reuben
One of the specials was something I couldn't possibly pass up, a Polish reuben. The standard reuben ingredients of corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Islands dressing are piled atop a potato pancake.
Polish Villa, Beef on Weck
Beef on Weck
We had to try it! Beef on weck here features well-done but very tender slices on a weck roll that has been toasted to a crisp.
Directions and Hours
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Sunday8am - 8pm
Monday8am - 8pm
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Friday8am - 9pm
Saturday8am - 9pm
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From the German word "Kummel," meaning caraway seed, a kummelweck, or simply "weck," is shaped like a Kaiser roll, but crowned with a mantle of seeds and coarse salt so abundant that it crunches audibly when bitten. Stuff a fresh one with carved-to-order roast beef, maybe give it a quick dip in natural gravy and…

Open Year Round
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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
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