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The Penn State Creamery sells a variety of made-on-the-premises dairy products including cheese, milk, and yogurt. However, it is the ice cream that gives the Creamery a claim to fame.

What should I eat at Penn State Creamery?

Over 100 constantly rotated flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sherbet are made. Usually 18 flavors are offered at a time, several of which are staples on the menu. These include Alumni Swirl and WPSX Coffee Break.

Ice cream produced at Penn State Creamery is made from the fresh milk brought in from the farms that surround Penn State’s campus and is incredibly rich, containing a high amount of butterfat. The combination of local ingredients and a production facility situated immediately behind the salesroom in Borland Laboratory results in an inexpensive product, yet one that maintains high quality.

What To Eat

Peachy Paterno

WPSX Coffee Break

Bittersweet Mint



Penn State Creamery Recipes


What do you think of Penn State Creamery?

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July 12th, 2023

Doing the Pa scoop trail and the creamery was on the trail so we took the ride but didn’t realize it wasn’t handicap friendly. To far in the heat to walk. We know it’s good but heat at our age is a risk to walk. Never got the code. 80 miles nothing to show for it. I guess I have to rely on memories.


Michael Carraher

May 3rd, 2010

I went to State College for a baseball game in the new stadium the Nittany Lions of the Big 10 share with State College Spikes of New York – Penn League, and to visit the Creamery. Both were great experiences.

The Creamery ice cream is very good. High butterfat content and very low over-run (almost no air in the ice cream). It’s very heavy and very rich. It’s almost too heavy and I noticed butterfat at this level can overwhelm the flavors. I had the peachy Paterno, which was good but I subtracted a few points for frozen peaches (my regular ice cream pusher uses fresh fruit in his ice creams and I’ve been spoiled).

Prices have gone up since the original review: No $2.50 for a cone or dish but they are big cones and dishes – what most places would call a double.

The place was jammed (a sunny Saturday afternoon in the 80s) but they did an excellent job of keeping the line moving quickly. One line for cup and dish orders only; another for anything else. You pay first and then move down to order your flavor and whether you want cone or dish. One size only. No mixing of flavors. No samples for tasting. The students scooping ice cream were friendly and seemed to be enjoying their work; one guy was tossing scoops of ice cream up and on to the cones (never missed while I was there).


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