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Review by: Stephen Rushmore Jr.


The Diner’s famous Grilled Stickies can still be purchased online for anyone craving them.

Located in the heart of the college town, The Diner has been its own institution at Penn State since 1929. The Diner is your typical northeastern diner furnished with stainless steel panels and food displays showcasing the homemade desserts. Seating is a mix of wobbly stools for counter service, and booths in the back of the restaurant for those wanting a more leisurely meal.

Anyone who has spent time on campus will tell you the signature dish is the “Grilled Stickies.” Stickies, which is slang for a sticky bun, is in the same food group as cinnamon rolls, French toast, and monkey bread. The light and spongy sweet treat is initially baked and cooled in the morning, and then reheated on a buttered griddle before being plated and topped with locally made vanilla ice cream. Wait a minute for the ice cream to melt before penetrating the thin crust of the sticky bun, to get a creamy blend of soft vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar and butter.

The Diner also serves traditional namesake fare, but most of the patrons stop by for the stickies in the morning or for a late night snack after the bars close.

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