Little Tea Shop

One of the best

We love the do-it-yourself ordering process at the Little Tea Shop. Every customer gets a one-page printed menu of the day – there is a different menu for each day of the week – with a little box next to each item. Like voting with an old-fashioned ballot, you put a check mark in the box next to each dish you want to elect for your lunch.

We vote for the everyday Tea Shop special of turnip greens. These are big-time greens, whole-leaf heaps of heavy vegetable goodness, soft and dark, with a commanding tonic flavor. They are served with corn sticks on the side; a common custom is to crumble the corn into the greens as one eats.

Many of the downtown crowd who have made the Little Tea Shop their mid-day home for decades come to eat nothing more than a chicken salad sandwich, but if you are looking for a (non-barbecue) taste of Memphis, look to the top of the menu for such once-a-week treats as fried chicken on Tuesday, chicken and dressing Wednesday, and fried catfish Friday. Good as such entrees are, this kitchen’s vegetables are their equal: creamed potatoes or sliced candied yams, fried corn, baked squash, black-eyed peas, or scalloped tomatoes … plus, of course, those lovely little corn sticks to munch alongside.

The dessert list is short and wonderful: apple cobbler, cobbler with ice cream or – our choice – a frozen pecan ball with hot fudge.

What to Eat
Little Tea Shop, Turnip Greens
Turnip Greens
Pork-free turnip greens
Little Tea Shop, Corn Sticks
Corn Sticks
Earthy, warm corn sticks come with every meal.
Little Tea Shop, Lacey Special
Lacey Special
The immemorial Lacey Special: chicken and dressing with corn sticks and gravy.
Little Tea Shop, Pecan Ball
Pecan Ball
Ice cream pecan ball shrouded in chocolate
Directions and Hours
closed now
Monday11am - 2pm
Tuesday11am - 2pm
Wednesday11am - 2pm
Thursday11am - 2pm
Friday11am - 2pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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