Kurtz’s Pub & Deli

Delicatessen | German | Sandwich Shop | Tavern
Worth driving from anywhere!

Kurtz’s is a German-style delicatessen where you can count on excellent sandwiches and great imported beers and ales on tap.

What to Eat
Kurtz’s Pub & Deli, Corned Beef Sandwich
Corned Beef Sandwich
Corned Beef Sandwich Plate, with potato salad. New York brisket for real flavor, trimmed lean, on light rye. Great with "Kurtz's Sauce": a mayo and horseradish blend.
Kurtz’s Pub & Deli, New Yorker Sandwich
New Yorker Sandwich
New Yorker Sandwich with potato salad. Kurtz's excellent roast beef is topped with a slice of Monterey Jack and creamy coleslaw. Served on light rye.
Kurtz’s Pub & Deli, Black Forest Sandwich
Black Forest Sandwich
Black Forest Sandwich with potato salad. Roast beef and turkey with Thousand Island dressing and melted Swiss on toasted light rye.
Hacker-Pschorr Draft Beer
Kurtz’s Pub & Deli, Roll Braten
Roll Braten
Roll Braten and potato salad with pickle. Roast pork loin served hot on French bread with steamed onions. This is the owner Jim's personal favorite. My favorite as well. Awesome! A real slice of Germany.
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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