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Warm milk, melted butter, and lots of briny-sweet oysters: This is Dan & Louis’ oyster stew, one of the stellar specialties of the Northwest. According to the menu, it was invented by Louis Wachsmuth long ago on a cold, winter day. Its oysters are modest-size Yaquinas from the restaurant’s own beds. On the half shell, they are gentle-tempered; in stew, their oceanic aplomb creates a fabulous non-cloying richness that makes this infinitely edible. While it is possible to get the stew with a double dose of oysters, we prefer having a half-dozen or a dozen on the half shell, then having the stew with its normal number.

Beyond oysters — in stew, fried, or on the half shell — Dan & Louis sells Dungeness crab, Shrimp Louis, halibut fish & chips, even a hamburger for diehard meat-eaters who accidentally find themselves in this thoroughly nautical eat-place.

Dishes to try
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Oyster Stew
Oyster Stew
Dan and Louis' famous oyster stew. We have never had better.
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Fried Oysters
Fried Oysters
According to the menu, this was Grandpa Louis' favorite dish: petite Yaquina Bay oysters, pan-fried to a golden crunch.
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Crab Louis
Crab Louis
A large crab Louis offers almost too much crab meat. We loved eating and eating and eating it until nothing was left on the plate but lettuce. This is a close shot of the sweet, moist, ocean-fresh Dungeness crab of which it's made.
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Oyster Shooter
Oyster Shooter
A single Yaquina Bay oyster, ready to swallow. This is the mollusk on which Dan & Louis' reputation was built.
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Oyster Cocktail
Oyster Cocktail
The oyster cocktail comes in small and large sizes. This is large, and there are lots of oysters here, but they go down so easily, especially with D & L's bright cocktail sauce. That's extra horseradish on the dish below the glass.
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Oysters on the Half Shell
Oysters on the Half Shell
This plate of freshly shucked oysters features six each of Tillamook and Penn Cove.
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Creamed Crab
Creamed Crab
There's plenty of Dungeness crab in this creamy-rich sauce atop a couple pieces of toast.
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes
These are very good crab cakes but, frankly, the crab around here is so good that we much prefer its simpler incarnations.
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, Seafood Stew
Seafood Stew
Talk about comfort food! This seafood stew is rich and buttery and loaded with easy to eat pieces of local swimmers.
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