Dolly’s Cafe

Worth a detour

With its cozy counter and tight leather booths that barely seat four, Dolly’s looks like it’s been plucked right out of a movie. If you like diners, you will feel right at home the moment you step inside.

Dolly’s does serve lunch, but we like breakfast, when the star of the show is an omelet. It is light and flavorful in ways not typical of the diner world. Its eggs are smooth and velvety, gently wrapped around good ingredients, such as those in the special: bacon, spinach, mushrooms, feta, and avocado. The feta is such a good complement for everything else: not a dry bite in sight.

French toast is pretty traditional, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon to take it up a notch. Its soft center is no match for the dollop of melted butter that comes on board, and you really don’t need any syrup.

Corned beef is an excellent side dish, salty and crisp from the skillet. Biscuits are a crowd pleaser: dense and chewy, more cornbread or cake than biscuit, but delicious however you think of them. Both raspberry and strawberry jams are homemade, the strawberry especially good: sweet, fresh, and jammy, with chunks of berry. We were happy that our waitress, Jessica, brought an extra biscuit to the table for tasting purposes.

Dolly’s cares about its customers, treating every detail with care, from toast to hash browns to freshly-cut fruit. Jessica was kind and attentive, refilling our coffee and iced tea before we knew we were out.

The parking lot is small, but there are plenty of residential spots around the school it sits in front of.

What to Eat
Dolly’s Cafe, Special Omelet
Special Omelet
Dolly’s velvet-textured omelet is something to write home about.
Dolly’s Cafe, Eggs & Corned Beef
Eggs & Corned Beef
Corned beef hash & fresh fruit accompany eggs.
Dolly’s Cafe, Biscuit & Raspberry Jam
Biscuit & Raspberry Jam
The biscuit is more cornbread/cake, and the jam is homemade.
Dolly’s Cafe, French Toast
French Toast
French toast with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon
Directions and Hours
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Sunday6am - 2pm
Monday6am - 2pm
Tuesday6am - 2pm
Wednesday6am - 2pm
Thursday6am - 2pm
Friday6am - 2pm
Saturday6am - 2pm
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Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
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Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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