Hodgman’s Frozen Custard

Review by: Michael Stern

Hodgman’s is the sort of place that calls out all summer to anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for old-fashioned Americana. It is a roadside custard shop where they make their own in only the basic flavors – vanilla and chocolate – plus one special each day. There are no mix-ins, swirls, chunks, chips, cookie dough, or candies polluting this dairy-pure manna. It’s just custard. But oh, what good custard it is: thick and creamy, totally unlike bland brands pumped full of air.

We like vanilla best, just plain. Nothing is more perfectly satisfying on a warm summer day, whether perched on a cone or served in a cup. Of course, you can go deluxe if you wish. Hodgman’s menu lists sundaes, frappes and floats, banana boats and thunderstorms, hot fudge royals, tin roofs, and tin lizzies. Whole custard pies are also available.

There is no indoor dining area, but facilities include a large covered picnic area to the side of the stand, where you can sit and lick in the shade. (Hodgman’s is closed Monday and Tuesday in the summer, and from Labor Day to Mother’s Day.)

What To Eat

Custard Cone

Hot Fudge Royale Sundae

Chocolate Custard


Hodgman’s Frozen Custard Recipes


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Anne Manzo

October 3rd, 2005

So worth the drive! You’ll never taste a better or more authentic frozen custard. I’ve tasted other establishments’ versions of “frozen custard”, and it’s more like the soft serve you’d get at Dairy Queen. This homemade delicacy is rich, thick and velvety. It reminds me of the homemade, hand-cranked ice cream my grandfather would make. Even plain ol’ vanilla is a treat for your tastebuds and my favorite. You’ll not only want seconds, you’ll want to bring your cooler along so you can take quarts home with you!


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