Restaurants in Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs being a cosmopolitan place that attracts people and cultures from everywhere, there is no common denominator among the restaurants Roadfood recommends. No culinary tour would be complete without a mile-high sandwich and rugelach at Sherman’s Deli, stupendously good Guadalajara-accented Mexican food at Felipe’s, a baroque milk shake or malt from Great Shakes, and a top-dollar prime steak at LG’s. Hot dog lovers need to know about Frankinbun, a hole in the wall that elevates weenies and more worldly sausages to gourmet status and serves them with four-star French fries. For a square meal at a fair price, locals go to John’s Restaurant, a vintage California coffee shop that serves breakfast all day. Its specialty: cinnamon roll French toast.

Palm Springs’s Best Restaurants

LG’s Prime Steak House - Porterhouse Steak
LG’s Prime Steak House




Great Shakes


Hot dog dressed Chicago-style ... hot dog heaven
Frankinbun | Hot Dog Heaven in Palm Springs


Three colorful margaritas


Four bite-size pastries, coiled around veins of fruit
Sherman’s Deli | Kosher Style Meals in Palm Springs


Cinnamon roll, sliced horizontally into three rounds, is fried golden brown like French toast, sided by three eggs and bacon
John’s Restaurant | Classic California Coffee Shop | Palm Springs


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Great Palm Springs Recipes

Indian pudding in a bowl topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Indian Pudding

King Ranch Casserole on a plate with Beans

King Ranch Casserole Recipe

Summer Fried Corn


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