Review by: Michael Stern

Koffi has three locations in Palm Springs and one in Rancho Mirage. It wouldn’t surprise me if more were on the way. It is a winning formula, and a welcome alternative to Starbucks. We all have our own opinion about what makes a cup of coffee good. My opinion is that this is some of the best, especially the robust brew, which is intense but without any of the burnt taste that so often marks opaque coffee. Espresso comes in two variations: dark roast American or light roast European. The former is as smooth and syrupy as artisan hot chocolate.

Gorgeous giant-topped muffins star in the pastry case along with scones, croissants, and such, but my favorite coffee companions here are house-made biscotti. They boast vibrant flavor and are properly crisp without seeming stale like the second-rate, cellophane-wrapped ones elsewhere. Those in the market for something warm can choose a breakfast sandwich or quiche in which vegetables make their flavors known among custardy eggs.

Clientele is the expected coffee house mix of hipsters, white-collar folks on their way to work, and those to come and sip and websurf in private or chat with friends. The location on Camino Real has plenty of pleasant outdoor seats.

Other locations: 1700 Camino Real, Palm Springs (760-322-7776); 650 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs (760-318-0145); and 71-380 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage (760-340-2444)

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