Breakfast in Vermont


Vermont just might be the nation’s number-one breakfast state. Early-to-rise farmhouse hours, a high wholegrain consciousness, and the legendary maple syrup harvest equal superior stacks of flapjacks. Consider also the custom of turning yesterday’s boiled-dinner leftovers into savory corned beef hash, plus the North Country’s abundance of short-order diners as well as slow-food country inns. For appetites on dawn patrol, the prospects are boundless. Here are six of our favorite Green Mountain State places to start the day.



Dot's is a best-of-Vermont town cafe serving from-scratch square meals, great burgers, and memorably fruity berry pancakes at breakfast.


Blue Benn Diner

In Bennington, Vermont, the Blue Benn is one of the northeast's best diners, from blue plate traditions to international exotica. Breakfast all day, natch.


Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts

Manchester, Vermont. Mrs. Murphy's donuts are the simplest pastries imaginable: sturdy circles with a good crunch to their skin and creamy-soft insides.


Up For Breakfast

Pancakes glazed with maple syrup at Up For Breakfast are the best of Vermont, made from sunny buttermilk batter, dark buckwheat batter, or sourdough batter.


Myer’s Bagels

Authentic Montreal-style bagels come hot from Myer's wood-fired oven starting at 4am. For bread-lovers of any persuasion, Myer's is a best Burlington eatery.


Chubby Muffin

An earnestly locavore, mellow-vibe coffee house/cafe/bakery/ice creamery where muffins are headliners and many vegetarian options are available.