Roadfood Adventures: Colorado Springs to Estes Park, Colorado

4 STOPS | 146 MILES | 2 hr 31 min

Colorado is famous for its scenery, from the Garden of the Gods to the Rocky Mountains. Its beauties are as diverse as a rainbow. And its food, from great steaks and buffalo sausage to award-winning pies, makes Colorado the best friend of eager appetites. Some of Roadfood’s favorite stops are The Fort, where cutting-edge cookery is applied to vintage frontier recipes, Biker Jim’s, which is the first and last word in spectacular hot dogs, and Juniper Valley Ranch, where generations of customers have come for downhome meals of fried chicken and baked ham.


Juniper Valley Ranch

Skillet fried chicken & baked ham with hot biscuits and apple butter put Juniper Valley Ranch on the Roadfood map. Call ahead for reservations (summer only).


The Fort

Colorado's Fort, which really does look like a fort, offers such unusual southwestern fare as buffalo empanadas and buffalo stew in a cast iron kettle.


Biker Jim’s

A Denver must, Biker Jim's serves a dazzling array of plain & fancy sausages and hot dogs with an even more spectacular choice of toppings and condiments.


Village Coffee Shop

Low prices, welcoming service and excellent large breakfasts make the Village Coffee Shop popular among blue and white collar workers and university students.