Village Coffee Shop

Review by: Cliff Strutz

Village Coffee Shop is the type of breakfast restaurant you always hope to find while traveling, but so rarely do. One note of warning though: if you embarrass easily, it might not be for you. As soon as the waitress found out it was our first visit, she turned around and announced in a loud voice that we were a couple of “Village virgins”, which was met with rousing applause. From then on, with the personable, sassy service and the friendliness of other diners around us, we felt as if we were now part of an exclusive club.

We loved the atmosphere so much that we would probably still eat here even if the food was ordinary. Fortunately, it is much better than that. Highly recommended is the blueberry pancake, which can be ordered in quantities of one, two or a stack of three. Just one was enough as it takes up an entire dinner plate and is filled with a copious amount of fresh blueberries. We think most pancakes are served undercooked nowadays, but this one was well done so that the surface had a crispy texture, especially around the edges.

Another favorite was the French toast, which looked unlike any French toast we have ever seen. The full order (1/2 orders are available) brought two wide flaps of what we suspect was homemade bread, thick, eggy, light and folded over. These could easily be mistaken for more pancakes. The country fried steak was fork tender and covered in a creamy sausage gravy, filled with huge chunks of meat. Everything else we sampled, including the fried eggs, the hashbrowns and even the wheat toast were made perfectly.

Village Coffee Shop opens early seven days a week and closes right after lunch hours. We particularly loved the t-shirt for sale, which read “800 Square Feet of Reality Surrounded by Boulder”!

What To Eat

French Toast

Blueberry Pancake

Chicken Fried Steak


Hot Chocolate

Wheat Toast


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